We need people happy

Emotions have a collective existence. They are not just an individual phenomenon …. Our happiness does not only depend on our  choices and actions, but also it depends on the choices and the actions taken by the others.

The significance of these for managers is that; their actions, positive or negative, can influence the emotional health of others. Happiness could be contagious.

In recessionary times, a happy workplace transforms coming to work into a more pleasant experience, as generations of research have demonstrated. Even productivity improves, and so does engagement.

Happiness will not save a failing enterprise. That requires gumption and grit in addition to a strong business plan,marketable products and services. However, an elixir for keeping an organization in good spirits may be a dollop of managerial cheerfulness.

When you make new recruitments be careful in these items:

  • Does prospective employee has an optimistic mood?
  • Is ironic and self-ironic?
  • Sees the negativity as an opportunity?
  • Smiles spontaneously?
  • Relives negative experiences as a learning and growth rather than a personal failure?
  • Loves to stay with others and takes part to social activities?

Golden rule: if emotions are contagious stay away from pessimists!

Everybody knows the saying “those who go with the lame learns to limp”.  In order to have a happy spirit, you must immerse yourself in a happy context and you must have contacts with optimistic people.

Do an act of selfishness and preserve your mental health avoiding those people with “black souls” the ones who:

  • Always complain
  • Criticize constantly the others and never make a compliment
  • Call you just because they have a problem to solve
  • Those who never smile Consider themselves unlucky and are envious of the success of others
  • Consider the World twisted and dangerous
  • Dress always and only in dark colors
  • That your intuition tells you “run away” .

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